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Insurances are very important, lot of people are not aware of importance of different insurances. People of their ignorance to insurances they are loosing lot of money, so it is very people to familiarize your with difference insurance and understand how they are working and the benefits. We have different types of insurances, below I am sharing those insurance and their difference. Read careful and understand their operation, benefits and objectives.

Common types of Insurance covers

1. Car Insurance cover
This insurance covers cars, if your car is lost, damaged or involved in an accident, they will help you by giving you new car, or repair the damaged car. This insurance is very important many cars in South Africa from garages are not sold without insurance, meaning to get car from garage you need car insurance. On the other hand it very risky to drive car without insuring it, because if your car can be involved in a car accident you will loose lot of money. To stay safe always insure your car.

2. House Insurance cover
Buying house in the biggest investment you can ever make, House value doesn't not fall it is increasing every-time unlike other properties such as car, the more you drive car the more it losses value, but for house it is not like that very year it gains value. Owning a house without insuring it or house insurance is very risky. House insurance only covers houses or building. If your insured house can be destroyed you will receive another house or money to buy new house depending on the value of the insurance you have insured your house This type of insurance is used by people who are owning building such as Flats, Shops, Malls, Complex, Offices, etc. Stop being ignorance insure your properties.

3. Jewelery Insurance cover
Jeweleries are very expensive especially those who are made of Gold or Diamond. It is very risky tow own those expensive jewelery without insurance. Stay smart insure jewelery insurances such watch, necklace, bracelet, etc. Insurance will help if you loose those valuable jewelery or get damaged. You will receive new jewelery form insurance company you bought it depending on the terms and conditions of the company.

4. Appliance Insurance cover
Technology is growing every day, engineers invent and upgrade systems and machines everyday. Appliances are also being upgraded and they become very expensive. It is very important to insure those appliance, because this can help you if they get stolen or damaged. This Insurance will help you by giving you new appliance after they get damaged or stolen, It is safe to read terms and condition of each appliance insurance before subscribing. This Appliance insurance can cover Phone, Laptop, Television, Home theater, Stove, etc.

5. Life insurance Cover
Life Insurance, covers life of human being, this mean this insurance intervene after death of someone. This will help your after of someone you have included in cover. Family will receive money, or more.

Sat , 01 Jul 2017

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