white will never stop being racist

Andile Mngxitama is the founder of Black First Land First. Black First Land First(BLF) movement was formed in 24th October 2015. The main objectives of this movement is to struggle for real freedom. South Africa is a democratic country but people are still struggling, freedom to them is just a word they are exercising it, many things are owned by whites, more than 90% of land is owned by them. So this is the time were black children have to get proper education.

The benefits of the struggle are enjoyed by rich and white people. Blacks are been oppressed by white people at the working industries. This is the time we share our land equally and enjoy the benefits of our struggle. Mr Andile Mngxitana is a former of EFF MP, one of the things he mentioned after leaving EFF was that, he believed that EFF have no real leadership. All the leaders of EFF are corrupted and they only want to benefits themselves and their relatives as ANC, and with that tendency they are going nowhere.

Mon , 10 Jul 2017

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