How to Prepare for exam or test

Education is very important, it is regarded as the main key of success. Many people dropout because of their poor performance, and lack of information and resources. Below I am sharing tips of how to prepare before test or exam. If you can follow all my instructions below, the chances of passing your tests/exams will be high.

1. Good Study Area

Room that you use for studying or preparing for test/exam has to look good, avoid things that could disturb you or make you loose concentration. For example avoid placing pictures on the wall of your study room that can attract your attention, and stop using room that has window with better view that could disturb you from studying, the room must have good lighting.

2. Gather all needed study materials.

Before you can begin with your studying of exam or test preparation, make sure that you gather all needed materials for studying, some of those materials are pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, calculator, textbook, etc. The reason of doing this is to avoid wasting time for studying to look or fetch material. This will help you to concentrate of your studying.

3. Study

Studying is the main key of preparation for exam/test. It is wise to know how to study because many people don't know the right way of doing it. Below I have shared few things/steps of studying.

A. Scanning/Review
Before you can begin with your studying, read through all the chapter that you need to study. Just do some quick review, scanning is just a quick review and there is no memorising taking place. This will help you in the later stage when studying to know what comes next.

B. Write Summary and take notes
After every paragraph write summary with your own words. Write down the important or key information that is necessary for your preparation. This will help you to avoid going back to your textbook and read the whole chapter with information that is not important.

C. Memorise
This is the hard part of studying many don't succeed this step. This is very important part of studying. Memorise all the information that you have written down and meditate about them.

D. Ask yourself questions
Draft list of questions from the information you have read and written down, and try to answer them. This will make your study simple and help you to know what you know and don't know.

4. Take a break

Break is very important when you are studying, to avoid loosing concentration take a break after every hour or more. You can use break to eat foods, drink water or just take a simple exercise.

5.Have enough sleep

Before the day of your exam or test make sure you have enough sleep, avoid to cross night. Human body need to rest at least 6 hours before your exam or test day, or else you will sleep in the exam or test room.

6. Avoid discussion before exam

During the day of your exam or test avoid discussion of what you have read with friends at school, because if you do so you will confuse each and start panicking in exam or test room. The best way is to stay away from those people.

Fri , 14 Jul 2017

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