How to make online application for job or any other vacancies

Things have changed this days things are made easier, one of them is job application, in old days they used to apply using posts and hand deliver, now you can make application laying on your bed by email or online application. Below I am sharing some tips step by step to make online applications. Before you can begin making online application you need the following documents in a word, or scanned pdf file.

Documents needed
  • Certified ID copy
  • Certified Qualifications or statement
  • Certified Matric Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Other additional documents

  • You need to have e-mail to begin with your online application, if you don't have email you can get one for free from the following website: Or If you have your e-mail ready now you can begin with you application.

    Step: 1
    On the post that you want to apply scroll down, and click on APPLY ONLINE OR APPLY, then will take you to application page.

    Step 2
    On that page it will require to login or sign Up . If you have account you can login in and apply but if you don't have account you can click on sign up.

    Step 3
    On the sign up page you have to put your e-mail and choose password, usually for security purpose you password have to contain at least one Number, capital letter, small letter and special character. When you are done click sign up if information provided is correct, you will get the message that saying you need to confirm your account.

    Step 4
    Goto your e-mail and login, you get e-mail message, saying you need to confirm your registration. Click on confirm registration and your account will be created successful.

    Step 5
    Login or On the post that you want to apply scroll down, and click on APPLY ONLINE OR APPLY , then it will take you to application page. Click login in using your e-mail and password you have chosen, if you forgot your password you can reset them by clicking RESET PASSWORD .

    Step 6
    After login if require you to put the following information:
  • Personal Information
  • Contact information
  • Addresses
  • Current position details
  • Previous position details
  • Work History
  • Tertiary Information
  • High School Information
  • Skills and other awards
  • And other information depending on the company. When you are done click Submit and continue .

    Step 7
    It require you to upload your documents, only word and pdf documents are supported and some they have space limit to stay safe make sure you document need small space. Upload documents needed, when you are done click save and Continue .

    Step 8
    This is the last step, you will need to provide information regarding the position that you are applying for. Answer each questions nicely and make sure you provide correct information. When you are done you can click save and Continue .

    Step 9
    Make sure you review or ask someone review information you have provided. If you feel like everything is correct you can click save .

    Step 10
    Click Submit application. Now you have done, and you have successfully send your application. You will will receive e-mail notifying you that you have made an application.

    Fri , 29 Sep 2017

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