Many Christians believe in miracles, signs and wonders. The believe that GOD is able to answer, but they don't know ways of catching miracles. If you are Christian and you think that you never received a miracle from God, you are lying or you don't know what is a miracle. You are a living testimony, below I am going to share common ways you can use to catch your miracles and testify about a living God. God is able to use anything to deliver your miracle, no matter how long you take to receive your miracle but you will get it. Just follow my tips tips below and your life will never be the same.

1. Believe with your heart

The main key of receiving miracles from God is to believe, for example if you have no believe in God, How are you gonna know that the miracle is from God. Whatever the word you receive from men and women of God believe in it, and put it in practice. God is able to do exceeding, and nothing is impossible before the Lord, He can do mighty things. Put your trust and faith in him, he shall do the rest. The power of God is so strong, don't let it pass you, catch it with believe.

2. Prayer

Prayer is the main weapon of bringing your miracles, prayer is the source of communication between you and God. This is how we tell God about what we need from him. Strong prayer with a strong believe can shake God, and God can pour all his blessing in you. God promised to answer our prayers but with conditions, he said, 'Ask anything in my name and I shall answer'. If you haven't started praying for your miracles, start praying now and include all the things you believe God for, God will answer you and you shall receive your miracle

3. Confession

Start confessing whatever you want God to do it for you, it shall happen. If you need healing say I am healed in Jesus name, it will be so. There is power in our tongues,stop confessing wrong things, demons are always around or in us. Remember we have demons that attack from outside and the one attack from inside, they are monitoring everything that we do and say. If you confess in a wrong way they can you that statement to attack us. Confess only what you need GOD to do for you, don't forget to include believe in your confession

4. Fasting

Fast for your miracle, Don't just fast but do it with concentration, fasting is another way of showing God that you are serious about a certain things that you are asking from God. Fasting is not making miracle happen fast, Why I am saying. Some people think the word fasting is derived from the word 'fast', but this is wrong, fasting is just the meaning of abstaining from foods and drink. Fasting doesn't move God but it moves us. Fasting makes a person to be in spirit, and when you are in spirit anything can happen. Don't loose your miracle start fasting today.

5. Receive Declaration

Everything that women and men of God are declaring, take them serious and start receiving them with all you heart. There is power in declaration, what they are confessing with their mouth is not them who are speaking, but it is God speaking through them. If they are not declaring your miracle, declare it yourself and receive it it shall work for you. The word 'I receive' is very, very powerful, and catch your miracle through the word. Start declaring your miracle and receive it now.

6. Practice word of God

The is a miracle in the word of God. This teachings and preaching are not just here for fun, your healing, breakthrough, deliverance are in it. Start practicing and living according to the word of God. God is not answering prayers from the sinners, so be righteous live according to the word of God, by doing so your prayers shall be answered and your miracle shall be cached and your life will never be the same.

7. Give/Offer

The kingdom of God is there for us, but not us only but it is there for everyone. Be a good God's servant, give what you have to the other people. As the word of God said 'The hand that give, shall receive' it is not just a verse from the bible but practice it, it shall work for you. Give what you have you shall receive what you don't have. Sometimes God is not giving us our miracles because we want to use them in the wrong way. The time you change your mind God will give you your miracle and you shall praise God non stop.

Thu , 01 Jun 2017

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