My mom warned me but I didn

I am 24 years old girl, my mom warned me but I didn't listen. At the age of 17 years old I was in love with a boy His name was Mfundo XOLA, a boyfriend that I thought he will be my future husband, but that was just a wish. He left me in this condition, I may blame him but the truth is I am the one to be blamed. My love to him was immeasurable, He made me lost my mind when I wasn't with him, I could make anything just to be with him. One day he invited me to go with him to the party, I was so interested to go with him but the problem was my mother.

I ask her to let me go to the party but she didn't give permission to go there, my heart was so painful, I tried to reason but she harden her heart. I took my own decision to go to the party, It was Saturday, I pretended like going to sleep leaving them watching Tv, I locked my door and jumped the window to go and find my boyfriend. He came and fetched me, He was so drunk and driving, we left to the party but we didn't arrive there. We were involved in a car accident, I am lucky as I am speaking, because that was the last day, I talked to my boyfriend.

I am now disable after accident my hands weren't not functioning, they had no choice but to cut them out. I wish I listened to my Mother, obey all his instruction, maybe today I would have been somewhere. I am living tough life rite now.

Fri , 02 Jun 2017

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